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“Screen printing? That´s quite exciting, fascinating…it´s something I´ve always been interested in” or “It’s something I’ve always wanted to try…”

This is the typical reaction I get from people once they learn what I do for a living, how screen printing is a hobby and passion of mine. What’s so fascinating about this line of work? What’s the magic behind this business that only the idea of screen printing fills your imagination with boundless possibilities?
Is it the creative aspect? – The only limit is your own imagination …


What is important to us

To be a shop, which is inspiring, authentic, transparent and also kind of different. To be a shop, where quality, sustainability and easy application is top priority, that´s what’s important to us, that is the way we want to be.

The “Siebdruck-Corner” only provides products of the highest quality that meet in accordance to our environmental claim. (expand)
Our range of harmonized products are (and what is very important for us) easy and safe to handle, regardless if you are professional (pro) or beginner.